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Ran into a snag at home!

I’m unmotivated because I’m depressed. I’m having issues in my relationship because I’m unmotivated. Which makes me more depressed. What can I do to stop the vicious cycle?


First and foremost, if this is an ongoing issue, get the help you need! There are plenty of FREE consoling opportunities out there! Support groups are an amazing go to as well! Talk it out! It’s not always easy to get help when you need it, but if you see a pattern, it’s up to you to stop it! 

Which brings me to my next point, you are the only person who can bring yourself happiness. I’m not saying mental illness doesn’t exist, IT DOES, but you have to take the steps nessicary to make sure that you are healthy and happy! No one can do that for you!  

This is actually a question that hits close to home for me. I can relate, much more than in previous posts! It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a rut. You lose your passion. You stop doing things that make you happy because you don’t have the energy anymore. You don’t have the energy because you are extremely unhappy. It’s important in times like these to just keep pushing! Paint that picture. Listen to music, or play it if you have that skill! Pick up a book, video game, or pencil and get to work! Being creative is often the best way to let some feelings out and start healing yourself! 

Communciate with your partner. Explain to them that you need some help! See if they will go to counseling with you or just participate more often in activities that you love, and listen to their needs. Understand them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get clarity on how they are feeling and how you are making them feel. Get them talking and be ready to have a real conversation. It takes time so make some! 

Its really easy to let time and life get away from you. Routine is important to get out of a funk. Research good sleep habits. Sleep is important to mental health. Eat well and often! Exercise. Mental and physical health are one in the same! It’s easy to feel fatigued and drained when you’re living on caffeine and sleeping 4/5 hours a night.  

Make time for yourself. Don’t let work and other activities consume you. If you are a social butterfly, you still may need time to yourself. Remember that times is for you. No one else.  

Put the devices down and focus on the now! Sure, who doesn’t want to binge Netflix and scroll through 9-gag until your thumbs bleed, but too much inside and not enough outdoors can leave anyone feeling down in the dumps!  

Lets bring this full circle! You are in control of you! If you don’t make the effort to smile, find ways to cope, communicate, and work on it internally, then nothing ever gets better.  I’m not insisting that you be a ray of sunshine all hours of the day and night, but simply being more positive can fix a lot of things! Much more than you think!  

This one hits home for me, because for a long time, I was basing my level of happiness on everything around me. I was working hard to make sure everyone else was happy and healthy but I wasn’t taking care of me! I was scared to admit that something out of my control was wrong with me. I was embarrassed that I might be “crazy” but what was more embarrassing was how long I let my depression effect me. I gained weight. I developed bad habits. I missed work. I kicked up dirt in relationships. I buried myself in worry. I had no self worth. I had no motivation.  

A little at a time, I started doing a little more. Cleaning the house daily, so it wasn’t overwhelming later. Getting up earlier so I could make sure I had coffee and breakfast. Allowing more time for travel so I wasn’t feeling rushed. Spending more time with friends. Spending less time on my phone.  

The most important part, was finding strength and getting the help I needed. I was encouraged to harness my strengths and talents and I started this website so that I could share them with the world, and even if no one read them, even if no one cared, it was my mark. My therapy.  


Its difderent for everyone, but the first step, is being positive, finding a routine and just PUSHING YOURSELF for positive change, as slow or as fast as you want! 


If your SO loves and cares about you, then they’ll be on your team, as long as you are a strong enough player to help carry the team forward. :)  


You’re welcome. ;)  

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