You’re Welcome.

BUT also:


Can I keep my dignity?

But still make money doing cam shows and selling panties? 


Coming in hot, with advice column entry #1, but first and foremost, no judgement here! We’re all just out here working 9-5 and you get to make your own hours doing something you’d be doing for free otherwise! Sure, are there some risks to the profession? A ton! Let’s assess the question, shall we? First of all, the stigma that you should be ASHAMED of what you’re doing, needs to go, sistah! (I’m assuming you’re female, since ya know, men don’t usually say the word panties) BUT I guess I shouldn’t assume. ;) I think the number one thing here is to find some sort of confidence in what you’re doing and what it provides for you! Are you getting a boost in confidence? Are you making money? Are you providing entertainment? Yes, yes, YES! Most importantly, however, do you ENJOY the work you do? Hopefully we can mark that off the list as well!

Now, that being said, dignity intact because only you can decide what’s dignified for YOU, let’s move on to remaining anonymous, ya know, so you don’t lose your day job until you know this new “hobby” is profitable enough to quit, or so your distant cousin doesn’t bring it up at the next family reunion. (WHOOPS) 

We do need to keep in mind that there is no real safety net to protecting your identity online. Sure, you can blur your face, alter your voice, and cover up any obvious birthmarks or tattoos, but is it really SAFE to assume no one will recognize you? NO.

Even if you go to those lengths, what if you accidentally wear or sell panties that were a gift? What if you forget to hide a decorative pillow or someone notices your drapes look familiar? I’ve seen my own comforter used in an erotic film. Hopefully no one thought that was me!  

There is no garentee that what you are doing, is safe! None! There may, however be a few steps that you can take to make sure it takes a little longer for someone to figure you out!  

1: Stage name! Make sure you use it for everything so that you can assume this “identity” in emails, sales, mailers, EVERYTHING so you don’t slip up! All “participants” should call you that, and only that!  

2: Get a P.O. box! USE IT! Sure you could put their return address as your return address but then how are you going to get your... uhm... “inventory” returned if it gets lost in the mail? Plus, it safe guards your identity for much much more!

3: I’m no professional, but aside from clearing your browser, using an app specifically for storing and locking up your pictures and photos, you could probably research how to protect your computers IP address. Maybe using a browser specifically for just those types of interactions would be ideal. If you want to step that up even further  buy a cheap phone, camera or laptop with a camera and use these devices exclusively for you business ventures.

4: Costumes! Who doesn’t want an excuse to dress up, wear a wig, throw on some unusual makeup, purchase outfits just for the show, and lock them up! Don’t forget that the identity of your counterpart (if that applies to your situation) is also just as important. 

5: Check your surroundings before the videos begin! Probably super easy to have a “spare” set of sheets for activities. Maybe install a nice curtain behind the bed that you only use on such occasions, cover all your tracks. maybe even a “princess” style over hang so the surroundings are nothing but that! I’ve seen a lot of DIY ones that are cheap and any fabric can be used, just make sure it’s not sheer! 


I can’t expect that everyone is going I want their identity exposed. Maybe you can live a double life until you’re comfortable. Maybe you will find out it’s not worth the stress, maybe it is. In the end, your question is more about your comfort. If this is something you intend on doing long term, maybe you need to think about these reprocusions first? A wise woman once told me “No one you know wants to admit they saw you online anyway, so why worry about it?” 

Look, I’m not in the industry, so my advice is few and far between, BUT there are plenty of support groups on social media. You can come to them anonymously, or as yourself and they will help you out! It’s not as scary as you think, and you might be surprised by the industry participants! 

Just really quickly back to the dignity part. YOUR BODY AND TIME IS VALUABLE. You are worth so much, and the only difference between you and the next person, is that you’ve figured out how to monetize just being you. You’re not doing a damn thing wrong! If someone wants to pay you to look good naked, let them. If your S.O is okay with it, what’s the problem? 


You do you, boo boo!  


Oh, and one more thing, you’re WELCOME. ;)  

Ran into a snag at home!

Emotionally and Morally Bankrupt