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You had one job.

I am never going to get my mail again. 😂 I taped the following note to my mailbox after a delivery fail yesterday. Whoops. 


Look. I’m a patient, understanding person, but sometimes I just can’t fathom how people do their job so... wrong. I’m used to getting my food prepared wrong, or the wrong flavor in my coffee. I know those individuals are paid very little and worked straight into the dirt. They are busy, and it’s very easy to make mistakes. I try to be understanding or order something easy, but it still ends poorly. Once, I got so sick of getting my order messed up I ordered a 6 piece nugget and got 5. That’s my luck.  

Today, I’m going to rant. So hard. I’ve been forced to postpone my podcast, the most exciting feature of this site yet, because the wonderful mail delivery person was just too lazy to drive the extra 2 feet to my house. Maybe not lazy, just stupid? Who knows, but either way, be honest in your mistakes. Own that shit. Because if I have 3 entrances to my driveway and a walkway wide enough to park your mail truck at my door and you use the excuse, “cannot access the driveway or front door” you are going to regret it.  

To make matters worse, my lazy ass hiked to the road so I could take photos and tried to call the postal service to file a complaint, in the dark, during snake season. Let me just say, I HATE AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEMS. I had it on speaker so that my S.O could hear my frustration because to any onlooker, I sounded like a crazy pants. I probably looked like one standing in the middle of a busy outskirts road where the speed limit is 50 and most people do 60+ easily.  



As you can see, our mailbox is pretty close to a nicely marked opening to our home. Pretty obvious that there is no gate or obstructions right? Guess not. Here’s the thing. I ordered this package as my first delivery to our home. I also get subscriptions occasionally for food services and do you think I want to risk my $70 blue apron box going missing because you couldn’t find my driveway for 3 days? No. You failed the test my friend. If one clearly marked driveway wasn’t enough there are 2 more!  



if you look closely you can see my wonderful SO out here trying to help me do work and get a point across. That would be entrances 2/3. Sure the road has no shoulder. Would I expect them to hop out and walk down there or get out and risk their safety if it was a hazard to do so? No. But you could probably park 50 cars in our driveway safely and there’s no fence or gate. My dogs aren’t outside scaring your pants off. The grass is maintained. There are 2 mailboxes here. One for me. One of the guy across the street. You mean to tell me you were unable to drive your ass down to the door to deliver? 

Look, I’m just frustrated. I wanted to be able to bring you guys a podcast on time and in quality. That’s hard to do when the person who is paid to deliver your mail on time can’t figure out how to wedge themselves out of the truck and knock on the door. A second package arrives today. Let me tell you. If it is not delivered today while my SO is there to snag it, as planned, you’ll be getting another post with the recording of that phone call. Providing I can get past the automatic system before they close this time. (45 minutes of screaming at my phone in public and they were closed by time it realized I was asking for a real live person).  Yes, this continued in public. I was so damn mad my BF took me for ice cream to calm me down. 😂😂😂😂


Well, that's it for this week. Check out the video of the journey through my restricted area below, and as always, You're Welcome.



Drawer 54 FIN

Drawer 54 PT 3