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Hey Guys!

This week, we're doing something a little bit different!

Since my entire life is consumed by the video game conference E3, for like 5 days, I won't be doing your typical blog style content! We heard you, you want more audio/video blogs anyway, so here you go!

Alex and I will be providing up to date coverage on Wednesday, for the first half of E3 and Friday, on the regular Podcast air day for the second half of E3! Please bare with us, but we wanted to bring you announcements, and of course, our unsolicited opinions!

You can use any of the social media icons below to find us on external social media, google play, iTunes, and of course, all content will be on the RR Podcast page by clicking HERE!

You should be seeing the content on RR Podcast for PT1 by Wednesday AM and Part 2 on Friday AM!

PT 1 will cover The weekend coverage of E3 including developers EA, Bethesda, and Microsoft, and oh boy, was there A LOT to cover.

PT 2 will cover the weekday coverage of E3 including developers Nintendo, PC Gamer, and Sony! I'm sure there will be even more to cover there, so STAY TUNED for updated coverage!


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