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This is not MY dream.

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I couldn't have said it better myself! Here's the deal, you have to pay your bills. What you don't have to do, is give up your dreams. Sure, you are tired. Sure you probably have kids and a family that you have  to take time out for, take care of, and its all pretty exhausting, but you can make time to do something that you like to do in your spare time. Don't have spare time? MAKE SOME. One extremely undervalued thing in life is finding a balance between work and play, and a support system that makes that possible. Granted, when you have smaller children, it's harder to shoo them away, but as they get older, it can be easier to explain to your kids that you need some you time. If they are too young, your SO or family should be willing to help you out, but the main part is, if you aren't putting in the work to find out what your dreams are, you can't expect anyone else to. 

If you think you can pay your bills, and get a part time job, DO IT! I don't think anyone WANTS to work until their dead, but know the value of those benefits. I found that you can get some health insurance and dental online, yearly through the market place(USA) if you look, but your employer is going to offer even better coverage, so if you have kids that you provide that for, it might not be ideal to switch jobs just yet. If you don't go for it! Just make sure you sign up before open enrollment is over through the state! 

If you think logically though, and you want to work hard to make that money and keep your benefits for the time being, you can still follow your dreams and figure out how to make money with those dreams. Right now, I am working 40 hours at one job, 15 at another, my commute is about 3 hours a day, minimum. I am required to transport or carpool with my SO, and I have several other family obligations. I don't have kids, but I do have pets that require walking and land that requires maintenance and now a house that does too. I spend a LOT of time caring for people, places, and things, BUT I have found a way to do what I am passionate about, and create content 5 days a week too! The other 2 days that I have "off" I am researching things that make my content better, figuring out or creating new ways to share my content, and working on editing or equipment. It's a lot of work, but honestly, I enjoy it, so it doesn't feel like work. Sometimes I can catch up on YouTube in the background, watch a netflix show, I even scroll through ideas and re-read and edit while spending time with my BF. I objectively listen to podcasts while I cut grass or work or clean my house. I throw ideas into covnersations and video game time with my SO and sister for the casts. I figure it out. Sure, do I have to keep my 9-5 and my extra time on Sat to pay the bills. Absolutely, but I am getting my work out there, and it's making waves. I am learning how to do new things, and eventually I'll be able to do what I love full time. 

I'm tired, so I get it, but don't give up. There is balance out there, I promise! 

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