You’re Welcome.

BUT also:


UPDATE: Still busy!

Man oh man, where do I start! Things were going too smoothly I guess. In my last post, you heard about my unfortunately accident, and things with that situation have been slowly, to my dismay, moving along. I have 3 employers now, and am running a pilot program at work to hopefully bring that number down to 1, possibly 2, but only 1 full time! It's been 100 degrees, and there is SO MUCH work to do on our property. It just NEVER seems to end! 

We've got so many things we are working on for you guys! 

We announced a new segment, Play Pen, for those who want to watch us play video games. Lets be real, we're doing this so we can fill the gaps on days where we literally are too tired to do anything but move our thumbs. 

We are working on our first recording this weekend for In the Kitchen with a Capricorn. Hopefully that goes well, considering I didn't really plan for a few snags that have appeared.

Alex and I have been doing guest spots on other productions which includes travel, and production time, usually totaling 5 hours or more on a day off from work or evening, holy cow! 

It's a lot, and we GENUINELY love it! 

Taylor and I are working on finishing up Zombies! in several parts before Taylor leaves for vacation, so we are hoping to post a lot of content in a short period of time and then take a little hiatus to work on finishing up our choose your own story, for you guys to play, and more! 

We had a give away for $25 gift card running until the 18th of July, but literally NO ONE has entered. The bonus gift for most added friends and family members, was going to be HUGE so y'all missed out on that one!

Maybe next time! 

I just wanted to let you know that we are working our butts off, and truly wish there were 50 hours in a day and not 24! There is too much to do, but this weekend, is going to be a content filled busy one! 

Thank you for the support! 

WHY is it so HOT?!

Please tell me I'm right!