Life Is a Journey - Live It Now

Wake me up, when September ends.

Okay, so I know a LOT of people use those lyrics for their own personal agenda. For me, it just means that the heat is gone, and the longest month of my life, August, is far, far away. Sure, September doesn’t actually hold a ton of memories for me, BUT I feel like it takes almost the entire month of September for me to actually get myself back together.

I know some of you that read, know me personally.

You know that August is a rough month for me.

It USED to be an exciting month. I used to celebrate 5 birthdays, including my own, and most years, take the only vacation I would take all year. It was a time of celebration, rest, and reflection, but not anymore.

Last year, I CHOOSE to have a major, lifesaving surgery, just 9 days before I would turn 30.

Am I crazy?

Well, you’ve seen my content…

BUT I’m back on the wagon. I’ve dropped 8 new videos/podcasts, and we’re ready to get moving on the next Relatively Random Podcast for Hunt a Killer, which I am SO excited about. We’ve had to postpone indefinitely a segment I was excited about: In the Kitchen with a Capricorn (scheduling issues all around), but I am working on something BIGGER with a long distance, longtime friend, that I think will be amazing. So stay tuned!

First year without

WHY is it so HOT?!