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Soooo....what is up? Whats the 411?

What has everybody been up to? What's the hot gossip? Tell me everything. What have you guys been listening to? What are the cool jams?

Watching Mean Girls, apparently! Actually, I have been watching something, but it hasn’t been movies.

If you follow some of the bigger names in YouTube, like Pewdiepie, you might have noticed a trend lately.

Reviewing bad TV.

Anything from “My Strange Addiction” to “90 Day Fiance” and various off the wall episodes of “Dr. Phil” are practically everywhere! While I am no stranger to the draw of bad television, the most dedication I’ve poured into a reality TV show, is most likely Jersey Shore. Even then, I stayed away from the spin offs, like “Snooki and JWoww” but I’ll admit, I did watch “Family Vacation”.

Every once in a while, I watch one of these “review” videos, and then decide that I need to watch more of that show. The first one to catch my attention was a show called “Love After Lockup”. The synopsis of this show in particular is an inmate meets their partner on an “inmate” dating sight, and upon release from prison, plan on starting a life together. In a few cases, they met before lockup, and are trying to fight for their relationship while one of them is incarcerated.

Typically, you can find clips, even full episodes, for free on YouTube. Since we don’t have cable, or get decent HD reception where we live, that’s about the best I can do. Sometimes I can find these shows on Hulu, or Netflix, but not often.

Imagine my excitement, when I saw multiple reviews of the show “90 Day Fiance” and found out that most if not ALL of the current and past seasons are on Hulu. What a time to be alive!!! So, as you all might have predicted, I have been binge watching, starting with Season 1, since Sunday. I’m only midway thought Season 2, but I wanted to review a little of Season 1.

First of all, if you are here for the “drama”, Season 1 is not for you. There are some ups and downs, but nothing too… entertaining.

Second of all (this should have been 1st) you do have to have an interest in the concept. The concept is that these couples have known each other for some time, most likely met in person on several previous occasions, and the men in this season, are from the US, while their female partners, are from another country. Yes, this is a romantic reality TV series. The couples foreign counterpart, is allowed into the US based on what’s called a K1 Visa. The Visa allows entry to the US for the foreign person, for 90 days. At the end of 90 days, or somewhere in the duration of the 90 days, the couple has to get married. If not, the women are sent back to their homes and the opportunity will most likely be denied in the future.

With such short notice, obstacles do come up. Family members cannot attend, and are often shocked by the timing. Skepticism definitely takes its toll, but outside of those two issues, overall, the mood of Season 1 for the four couples involved, is pretty mellow.

Once I got into season 2, things started to heat up a bit, but then, LOVE ISLAND took over my life! I’ve finished Season 1, and I am onto Season 2. I have to admit, I fell in love with the cast in Season 1, and so far, the second set of lover birds, just hasn’t caught as much attention from me, even if Season 2 is far more dramatically entertaining!

With over 30 episodes, its up to you how you want to attact this beast. 5 seasons in all, with a “catch up” episode every 6th one, you can just stick to those episodes and really get the most out of the timeline, or catch up on the smaller details, by binge watching the entire thing! I must say, the most intriguing thing to me, is how well these individuals get on, given the nature of the game, and how many “wife” swaps occur each day. It’s really a Western vs European thing, and I can’t get enough!

What’s your current guilty TV pleasure?

What should I watch next?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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